I thought I would have a go at Keesh’s colour challenge this week. Here are the colours we were to use.

I never use Really Rust so that’s why challenges are good. So often we just pick up the colours we are used to using. It is good to go beyond what we are familiar with.

This is the card I created.
Keesh's challenge 15 may
I just received my DSP order this week so I opened up the ‘Windsor Knot’ Pack which contained these colours!! I have used the Fresh Cuts set, which has been very versatile. I think it is very straight forward. I haven’t used any unusual techniques, just lots of layers, lots of mounting tape and paper piercing. Considering the time it took me, I have to say I am not overly happy with the final result. I think it is the oval and the flower. It just doesn’t look balanced. I did try changing it, but it was stuck pretty hard by then and probably would’ve ripped the whole thing! So there you have it. I like the colour combo. though. Must try Really Rust more often!


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