You might have seen these stationery boxes around on your blog travels. 

(It’s a bit hard to get a good photo of it opened as there is so much to include!!! )

 I got this idea from Jackie Topa.  It is a great little Stationery Set that folds up into a neat box.  I converted all the measurements to metric, but then Australian card sizes are different to the U.S. and our cards don’t fit.  So, then I adjusted the measurements.  It took a little working, BUT we got there!!!  Maybe somewhere in blogland someone has already done that and could have saved me a job, but ANYWAY it’s all done now!!!!

I did a class today to make these.  It was quite an involved project as there are lots of different steps along the way. I did change a couple of things.  I made separate pockets on the base to fit the booklet and the stamp envelope in.  This way they can be taken out to use. 

This would make a great Christmas Gift for someone special.  The set includes 4 standard cards and envelopes, 4 love note cards and 4 tags; along with the stamp envelope and notebook.

If you would like the instructions for this Stationery Set with the Australian Sized measurements, then drop me an email at and I will send one out to you. 

Till next time,  Happy Stamping!!



One thought on “ANOTHER BOX!!!

  1. Hi Jenny, That is a gorgeous box and stationery set, I love the colours and love how you went to all the trouble of changing the sizes. I tend to do things like that (then find out someone has already done it for me). Thanks for the effort. I’ll email you for sizes.

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