Aren’t computers great!  At your fingertips is a wealth of information and you can chat to people from all over the world.  Then when they die, life stops!!!  Our computer has been dying a slow death for some months now and we have been backing everything up on discs.  Well, I think our computer has died now.  I’m hoping it will recover!  We took it in to the computer doctor today to see the prognosis.  I am so lost without it.  Fortunately, we have the laptop but I don’t have any documents or photos on here at the moment ….. and where is the mouse??? LOL

So, I can’t show you any  new creations at the moment.  I hope to get things sorted out shortly.  So, bear with me.  Take some time and visit my past creations.  Here is a photo of my first card I showed on my blog from February last year.  Can you believe it I missed my blog-iversary! 

Don’t forget to come back again soon. Happy Stamping!!


One thought on “JUST STOPPING BY!!

  1. Hey Jenny…hope the news isn’t terminal, but hey…..I am a total lappy person and it ain’t THAT bad!!! Happy (late) blog-a-versary and I hope you continue to creatively inspire all of us blessed enough to share in your work. ooxx

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