There has been a lot of lovin’ in blogland lately, if you haven’t noticed. Last week I received a lovely ‘Beautiful Blogger Award. Yesterday I received a ‘Sunshine Award’ from my good stamping buddy and team mate Andrea. Gee, Thanks Andrea!!!! It really brightened my day.

Don’t you just love that bright orange flower.  It’s enough to brighten anyone’s day.  I’m just going to pass this onto 2 bloggers today.

Leonie – My convention roomie and stamping buddy!!!  Leonie’s husband suffered heart attacks a couple of weeks ago.  It has been a very stressful time for them but he will make a good recovery.  I just wanted to brighten her day.  Pop on by and say hi to Leonie.

Tanya – Always encouraging and very busy on our ESAD forum.  Take some time for you Tanya!!!

But, I want to give all of you, my lovely blog readers, the Sunshine Award.  I appreciate you stopping by, I love your comments.  I hope you leave feeling inspired or encouraged!  Thanks for stopping by and don’t be scared to leave a comment and say HI!

Have a Sunshine-y Day!!!


One thought on “CAN YOU FEEL THE LOVE!!!!

  1. Congrats on receiving the HUGE orange happy flower. Very well deserved. Brightens up your day and your blog too…hee hee hee!!! Have a brilliant day Jenny. ooxx

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