Whenever there is a need, quite often Stampin’ Up! seek to help, especially with one of our own.  Young Hudson is the 2 1/2 year old son of a fellow demonstrator. Before birth it was found that Hudson’s brain wasn’t formed properly.  Since birth Hudson it has been discovered that Hudson is legally blind, and has developmental delays.   Since January this year Hudson has suffered epilepsy and recently diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy.   You can read more of Hudson’s story here.

To help Hudson with mobility and gain some independence, it would be great to provide Hudson with a Kid Walker.  These come at a cost of $5000.  A group of demonstrators have got together to raise money for Wheels for Hudson.  They have compiled a number of creative projects in packages that you can purchase.  There are various themes for these packages from Kids Birthdays, male, scrapbooking, Christmas, Punch art, Bags and boxes.  Each package contains 10 great projects with step-by-step tutorials. These are only $10 per package.  That’s only $1 per project.  How cheap is that!!!!  You can buy 1 package or the 6.  If you buy 4 you’ll receive a bonus package of projects.  These are only available during August.

Can you help Hudson out?  We really want to give him some wheels.  Head over to the website here and check it out.  You can also get involved in the regular challenges there, with regular giveaways.  Thanks for your support.


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