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It has been a little while since I have been back here.  I’m really sorry about that.  I don’t like to leave it this long between posts.  You’ll start to forget about me 🙂 – and I can’t have that!!!  Life has just been crazy these last few weeks and with school holidays thrown in it has been a bit tricky to make it.

 In this recent post  I showed you the boxy bags.  They are so cute.  I said I would give you the metric measurements for them and I haven’t forgotten.  I’ll do that right now for you.  I will show you the bag I made some time ago when I tried these the first time.  I made this one for a special friend using the stampset “Hello Again”.  It was good I had a photo in the vault!

This is in the shadow a bit but it gives you an idea side on.  This is the front view.

It is using some DSP from the recently retired catalogue. 

Here are the metric measurements I used.  The original instructions can be found here.   The instructions can be a little confusing as to where to cut.   So you can follow the instructions there as they have step by step photos to show what to do.

Cut card 28cmx12.5cm, (which is 11″x5″).   On the 28cm (11″) side score at 11.5cm and 16.5cm.  On the 12.5cm (5″) side score at 3cm and 9.5cm. 

On the 3cmand 9.5cm scored lines cut from the end to the score line in the middle (that would be the 11.5cm scored line running down.  Turn around and repeat on the other end.    Cut off 7.5cm from these outside side flaps on each end.  (Check the photo if you are unsure).  Place adhesive on small tabs and adhere box together.  You can decorate the box as you like.  It is so cute – and very simple.  It would be great with Christmas approaching very quickly.

Now I promise I won’t leave it so long next time to return here.  I do have a lot I have been busy with.  So stop by again soon.  In the meantime go and make yourself a boxy bag!! 

3 thoughts on “ANOTHER BOXY BAG!!”

  1. This is too cute darl’n!!! Love the idea of doing it in a DP!! V v clever. I have done a couple of these (one of which I’ll post soon) and they are so good and fit quite a bit for something so small. Would NEVER forget abt you….I am v v aware of the MANIA of the school hols and all that it entails!! Hope you survive wk 2!! ooxx


  2. Just did one of these for an online class (Inkspirations 4 U). I had to use a 12 x 12 sheet because of the US measurements … so thanks Jenny … for giving us the AUS measurements! This will be handy! Hugs xxaxx
    PS Nice to have you back!


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