I just found out I received a special blog award.  It is very nice to receive these.  I feel very honoured.  My very loyal blog friend Lynda passed this award on to me.  Lynda is so encouraging and always leaves her lovely comments.  Go on over and visit her blog.  She makes such lovely cards and projects.  I always love to see what she has been up to. (Don’t forget to leave her a comment, because she is always so lovely to leave comments on mine and many other blogs.  It makes your day to receive one).

Here is my wonderful award.

The other special thing about this award is that was started by my very good stamping buddy Andrea.  She is such a lovely friend and if you haven’t stopped by her blog, you have to.  She creates such beautiful cards.

Thank You Lynda for my very special award.  I am very touched. 

I think I am meant to pass this on to some others but I will have to think about that one. 

Thank you to you all too for stopping by my blog.  Don’t be shy to leave a comment.  It’s always nice to know you are not talking to yourself!! 

I have some fun things to show you that I have been up to lately so stop by again soon. xx


2 thoughts on “A SPECIAL AWARD!!

  1. jenny you are MORE than welcome. Deepest thanks for your endeavour to steer some blurfing traffic my way too…what a great pal you are!! This award was created fm the heart by Andrea and was given fm mine. Embrace and enjoy. ooxx

  2. Hi Jenny! Loved seeing your photos … and we did have just the BESTEST TIME EVER … didn’t we! I’m so glad Lynda passed the BBFF award onto you! (You were on my next list of recipients!) Don’t forget to pass the award on … you can choose any number of friends. I am hoping it will travel far and wide! Hugs xxaxx

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