A few weeks ago I received a wonderful award from my Blogging friend Lynda.  It was the BBFF Award.

It was such an honour to receive this award.  Thank you again Lynda xx

Now I have been a little busy and have not passed this award on yet.  How slack of me!  Now let me bestow the honour to these wonderful blog friends.

Leonie N.   – My partner in crime – Stamping that is!  Love Ya!!!

Leah – Thanks for stopping by my blog Leah. If you haven’t visited Leah’s blog, you need to head over there. She is so clever!! 🙂

Leonie D – Thanks for your encouraging comments Leonie.  Now, make sure you pop by Leonie’s blog too. She is always coming up with some amazing creations!

Now if you stop by my blog don’t forget to leave a comment.  I do appreciate it.  It’s nice to know people in cyberspace do read this stuff and I’m not talking to myself!!  I do enough of that in real life!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend all.  I will be back soon with some Christmas creations.  That time of year is fast approaching!!  Better start shopping soon I guess!


2 thoughts on “NOW FOR SOME BLOG AWARDS!!

  1. The most important thing is that you GOT to it…eventually Jenny…hee hee hee. We know you work hard. You are a beautiful soul whodeserves to be recognised as a BBFF!!! ooxx

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