Carlie came home from school yesterday and told me they were having an Easter Hat parade TODAY!!!  Although Easter is not for another 2 weeks, school holidays start here from today.  Nothing like leaving it until the last minute!  I didn’t have any time to go to the shops, Carlie used most of the cotton wool balls on her last creation, so I didn’t know what I was going to do.  I was beginning to think of bunny ears on a headband!! At 8.30 last night I really wasn’t feeling very creative.  Then, inspiration hit and I whipped up this very quickly. 

My buddy Leonie showed me these great punch bunnies recently.  Thanks Leonie your a life saver 🙂  I made one up and stuck it on the front of a party hat.  Then I punched out some ovals from some scrap designer paper I had lying around.  I sponged the edges and put them around the hat to create eggs.  I fringed a strip of green paper (non-Stampin’ Up!) and stuck this around the hat for grass. Carlie was happy with it when she saw it this morning and at least she had something to wear!

I have some more cupcake creations to show you so I will get back to that now.  I just had to show you this.

Jenny x 


3 thoughts on “BUNNY IN A HURRY!!

  1. At least ur a good Mum and did one on next to no notice. I went to the Reject Shop and got an alice band with a pair of springy bunnies attached…..but they were pink…LOL!!! I love this bunny…his is so v v adorable. Great under pressure job Jenny. ooxx

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