I can finally get around to showing you this cute card.  A few weeks ago at our stamping get together Andrea showed us how to make this!  I love it.  This is so clever!

This card is created using a number of different punches.  Can you guess which ones???

You can tell the egg flowers are the oval punch.  The leaves are created using the oval punch too.  But check out the base of the flowers.  This is created using the owl punch.  How clever!!  Valita is the one who originally created this card.  You can check out the full instructions on her blog here.  There is no need for me to repeat them here 😉

I love being able to use the punches in different ways than punching around a text or something similar.  So much fun!!

Hope to be back again soon.

Happy Stamping,

Jenny xx

One thought on “A CUTE EASTER CARD FOR YOU!!

  1. I so love your version of this card Jenny. As I metioned to AL…I have the other version ofthis in my crypt for ‘one day’ when I have time to bust it out!!! The cracked egg is too funny…so v v well done. Luvin the frayed ribbon grass too. I am so v v jealous of the time you gals get together….but the results are magical. ooxx

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