On Sunday we had our school fete.  It was such a nice day.  It is always a worry when you plan something like this.  You never know what the weather will be like!!!  I wanted to show you a little memo book I made to sell.  I made some of these a few months ago for the stall at a Party Plan Expo that I did and they were very popular there too.  The original idea came from Carla here.

These are little Post-it note clip holders.  They are so simple and easy to make.

To create these: Cut your card (I use the backing from your DSP packs) and a piece of DSP to 10cmx10cm.  Adhere these together and round the corners with your corner rounder punch.  Cover a large noteclip with DSP and it clips easily onto the holder .  For the clips, just check the size you are using.  Mine were 50mm ones.  I cut the DSP 5cm x 7.5cm.  I used Tombow glue to adhere the DSP to the clip. Tie around some co-ordinating ribbon.  EASY!!!

These are little note clips I created too using Carla’s idea here.  These can be used as a note/photo holder.  They are made the same way as the clips above.

They would make great gifts and very easy to do.

Thanks for looking.  I hope your week is going ok?

Stop by again soon,

Jenny x


3 thoughts on “A FUN FETE PROJECT!!

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