Finally I can get back here.  This week has once again flown by.  Fridays come around so quickly!  Last post I showed you the card I created for my swap for last week’s Stampin’ Up! Regionals in Sydney.  I wanted to show you the cards I received in return.  There were so many that I have divided them into groups.  Sorry if it is a bit hard to see.  It is hard to capture the bling and detail on some of the cards.

"The flowery cards"

The Mixed Group

The 3D Swaps

There are a lot of creative ideas here with different ways of using a stamp or different layouts.  Swaps are great to be a part of.  I have to show you this card by itself though.  I have to say this is one of the stand-outs.  Not that there weren’t other really great ones!!!!!!

There are so many different elements to this card.  The light sponging, the subtle use of the “French Foliage” set (must add that set to my wish list!).  Notice the torn corner in the top right hand corner.  It is a subtle addition.  You can’t tell in the photo but the top 2 butterflies have been clear embossed and each butterfly was cut out.  That’s a lot of cutting for 20-30 cards.   I just don’t have it on hand to tell you the creator.  I will come back and edit this shortly to let you know.  I think this card will be added to my CASE file.

I hope you find these inspiring!!

See you again soon,



2 thoughts on “MY SWAPS IN RETURN!!!

  1. That scissor wk is INSANE Know what u mean abt taht stamp set too….I so like everything I see done with it!!! I esp love the wee cameo cards. Jenny I think you did a stella job swapping. ooxx

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