I just wanted to stop by and say Hello!!!  (I am sneaking on a public computer here!) I am having major computer issues at home at the moment.  For some reason we have used all our download limit for the month in 2 weeks!!  I don’t know what has happened, but I am feeling a little lost here.  Our computer is at an all time SLOW Dial-up Speed.  I can’t access anything.  I can only read my emails occasionally (if it wants to co-operate!),  I can’t access Facebook (Josh has just set it up on my phone now!), I waited 1/2 hour to try and load wordpress and it didn’t work.  (So I have snuck on here to let you know).  I can’t do any blurfing either!! I am feeling SO lost at the moment and out of touch with the world.  Isn’t it sad!!  On the upside you can get a lot done when you don’t waste time on the computer.  I had wanted to show you some creativity – even dig it out of my vault.  But I have ran out of time here now.  I will try and stop by again soon.  So feel free to browse my other posts and I will be back SOON!! Don’t forget me 🙂



2 thoughts on “HELLO OUT THERE!!!!

  1. Oh Jenny I am so sorry to hear of ur troubles. B/W you and Andrea..the gremlins are really having a festival down ur way. I sincerely hope that things bounce soon and kinow that we know you’ll be around real soon. ooxx

  2. Take care, Jenny! And … I do hope I didn’t send my gremlins to you. I have this nasty suspicion that mine is only behaving temporarily at the moment … and at any moment something will happen again. So … I do feel your pain!
    In the meantime … do some stamping! I hear it is good therapy!!! (grin)
    Hugs xx

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