Sorry you will have to indulge me for a minute but I just want to brag share this special ‘MUM’ moment.  I hope you don’t mind 🙂 Josh has his Year 10 Formal tonight and we went down to Wollongong Harbour for photos.  Here is my gorgeous grown-up boy.  I can’t believe he has just finished Year 10.  Where have the years gone to????

It turned out such a lovely evening after raining and being so cold for the last few days.

Here are my 2 gorgeous ones.

Aah! A nice family photo before we left for the Harbour Photos.

Thanks for indulging me.  I will be back to regular stamping posts next time 🙂

Have a good weekend,

Jenny x

3 thoughts on “A PROUD MUM MOMENT!!!

  1. What a dashing young man Jenny. He certainly is v v handsome. Cherish these wonderful milestone moments, because as you know, they will be over in a flash. Thaks so much for sharing this with us. ooxx

  2. Happy to indulge, Jenny! I will have a moment to share on Saturday … so I hope you pop by! I can’t get over how alike Josh & Glen are! Sigh … our kids grow up far too quickly, don’t they!? Hugs xx

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