I have a lot of cards to show you but I thought I would just take a minute to share some photos from our day out today.  I took Carlie to Symbio Animal Park which is about 1/2 hour away from us, just near Sydney.  We haven’t been there for some time and she just LOVES animals.  I thought you might like to see about our adventures there. My overseas readers might especially like to see some of the animals we saw.  I’ll show you them in a slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for indulging me on another family outing.  Tomorrow is the start of Sale-A-Bration.  YAY!  It is such an exciting time of the year with Stampin’ Up! Stop by tomorrow and I will fill you in on the details and show you a card or two.

Thanks again,

Jenny x 


2 thoughts on “GIRL’S DAY OUT AT SYMBIO!!!

  1. Must have been animal day today Jenny….my kids were at Taronga today!! I love the pics esp the echidna and the meerkats…there is something oddly mesmorizing abt them and the way they guard. So glad that you had a great time. ooxx

  2. Oh … Lynda was at Taronga … while you were at Symbio! How boring that I took two of my girls to the movies. It is Sheree’s last day of freedom before she starts her first ‘real’ job! So glad you had such a wonderful day! Carlie looks like she is having fun! Hugs xxx

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