Sorry, it’s not card related but I had to share this.  Josh had his first game of Gridiron yesterday.  It was a pre-season Gala Day with a number of small games then a big game.  He absolutely loved it! He has followed NFL for a while now (Go the Patriots for the Superbowl this year!!!)

Here he is in all his gear.

Don’t mess with this guy!!!!  I am amazed at how much padding they wear. Which is probably good really but when he plays Rugby League he wears a chest pad which is only padded cloth and headgear because we ask him to (and of course a mouthguard).

Action shot!  Apparently he is the one crouching in the centre close to the action!!

Thanks for the indulgence.  I know for my American readers this is a common sight but in a country dominated by Rugby League and Cricket, NFL is starting to make it’s presence felt.

See you soon with some more stamping,

Jenny x


3 thoughts on “SORRY, HAVE TO SHOW YOU!!

  1. We love the NFL here Jenny….sadly I am a tragic 49er’s fan fmt he 80’s…LOL. He does look v v grand in all his gear. The way they throw themselves about….he’s gunna need it!!! Having said that…a couple of years back a group of NFL players watched an NRL game and cld not believe that they wore no protection whatsoever!!! Good luck with that washing…. 😉

  2. hi jenny thanks for sharing some moments with us ,good luck to your son he looks so good in all his gear .may he have many great games !!!!!!!!!

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