Sorry another personal post here.  I have shown you Josh’s sporting feats in the past I thought it was Carlie’s turn today.  This morning she went in her first Triathlon.  She did an awesome job.  It was a 200 metre swim, 6km cycle and 1km run.  I have put together a slideshow below to show her efforts.  It was a tough one.  She can easily swim the length but it was in the harbour here and she doesn’t like swimming in salt water.  So that was a bit of a struggle.  She blitzed the bike ride and then getting off her bike she hurt her ankle and couldn’t run.  So it was a very long 1km hobbling along but SHE DID IT and we are so proud of her.  I just had to show you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks for indulging me again.  It was a special time to see Carlie achieve this.  Well done to you Carlie.  Will she do another one???  She said she will think about that one!!



  1. Sincere congrats Carlie for getting the job done. You should hold ur head high and proud. Love that big bro was there for support to. Love it. ooxx

  2. Way to go, Carlie! You should be super proud of this wonderful achievement … and Jenny … you are allowed to be a proud mum, too! Nice to see Josh celebrating with his sis! Hugs xxx

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