Hey, It’s Me!!!  You probably wondered where I disappeared to.  Since I returned from Convention last week I haven’t stopped.  I held my Cancer Fundraiser last Saturday so I was busy getting ready for that.  I will update you on that shortly.  I have to say I only unpacked my stamping bag on Monday from Convention and I only uploaded my photos today.  How can one person take 500 photos about Convention.  Seriously, what can you really take photos of there!! 😉  So, I’m sorry I can’t show you too much about Convention now.  But, what can I say.  It is such an awesome time meeting up with other demonstrators that you chat to online and there is SOOO much inspiration from the Stage Presentations to the Display Boards.  I came away with my head buzzing.  I wish I was half as clever as these ladies.  One day when I grow up I hope to be that good!

Stampin’ Up! are an awesome company and so generous.  I came away with such a haul from all the freebies we received.  You might have already caught up on some happenings from other blogs but it is always different from another perspective, isn’t it???  So stay tuned I will get back to you in the next couple of days with a report.  If you haven’t already heard much then why not stop by Shelli’s blog.  Shelli Gardiner is the CEO from Stampin’ Up! and based in Utah.  She is such a beautiful person.  Shelli has a good coverage of Convention you can find here.  Check out the first photo.  That’s me on the far right!  Isn’t that amazing!  While you are there check out the post before that one.  Poor Shelli tells of her “Stuff Up” as she describes it when she presented on stage.  I felt so sorry for her but she handled it all so graciously.  I don’t feel so bad when I “Stuff Up” now!

Don’t forget to stop by again in the next few days to check out Convention.




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