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IT’S A POP-UP!!!!!

Finally I have got back to you with instructions of how I made the Cupcake Pop-Up card.  I showed this card one or two posts back but here is a photo of the card to refresh your memory.

Leonie N  showed me how to make this card at a stamping day a few weeks ago.   It is so cool and gives such a ‘WOW’ when you open it.  I have put together a few steps and some photos to help you.


NB. All the measurements are in metric.  I have used the Cutter to cut the slits for the Pop-up.  I found that so much easier.

1.  Cut Card 20cmx13.8cm.  Score card along the 20cm side at 10cm.

Here is the template to go with the photos.

——-   Score lines                         ______  Cut lines

2. Line the card up on the cutter with the 13.8cm edge at the top. Starting at the scored centre line, move across 2cm.  Cut 1.5cm below the score line and 1.5cm above the score line (ie making a 3cm cut).  It is a bit hard to tell but in the photo I have the edge of the card lined up at the 2cm mark.  I have the cutter at the 11.5cm mark and will cut up to 8.5cm.

3. At the 4cm mark on the cutter, cut from the score line down 3cm. (Sorry I didn’t have a photo of this one but you can get the idea from the other photos and the template- I hope!)

4. At the 6cm mark, measure down 1.5cm below the score line (this is the 11.5cm mark on the cutter). Cut 3cm down (ie to the 14.5cm mark). (The photo shows the cutting ending at the 14.5cm mark).

5. At the 8cm mark, cut a line following the same measures as Step 4 above.  (ie measure down 1.5cm below the score line down to 14.5cm.

6. At the 10cm mark, cut from the score line down 3cm. (Missed that photo too!)

7. At the 12cm mark, cut 1.5 cm below the score line and 1.5cm above the score line. (Like you did in Step 2).  You can see the other cut marks from the earlier steps.

Here you can see all the lines cut.  If it’s not too clear refer to the template photo above.

8. Now the cuts are made, score the lines between each cut line (see the template above to show the score lines).  Don’t score out towards the edge of the card.

9.  Now the folding begins.  Here are a few tips to help with the folding. Firstly, fold the card in half on the regular score line.  Lift up the top half of the card and fold on the first score line.  Then turn the card over and fold the card back on each of the score lines.  Then open the card and push from behind on each of the folds and cuts to push it in shape.  Press along the score lines to make the scored lines crisper.

10. Now the folding is done, you can adhere this in to your card.  Place adhesive on one half of the back of the template.  Place inside the base card while folded.  Then you can add adhesive to the other half of the template and adhere in the base card.

Phew! I hope you are still with me!!!  I hope this all makes sense???  If any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Jenny x

4 thoughts on “IT’S A POP-UP!!!!!”

  1. Great job and brilliant tute Jenny. Thanks so much for all your hard work and effort. I know Andrea has posted a pop-up..and I can see more (dare I say) popping up about too!! ooxx


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