In the last post I was telling you about playing around with My Digital Studio (MDS).  Well this is the first card I made with it.  I wasn’t sure whether I should show you BUT well I guess you can see it.  This card is very simple and would take you not even 5 minutes to do – if you knew what you were doing!!! This was the first time playing with MDS and I started out having no idea how to use it.  I wanted to show you this because I wanted to reassure you that MDS is OK!!  I dragged things on and changed colours and pressed different buttons BUT it doesn’t blow up your computer if you do something wrong.  There is a wonderful button called “UNDO”. That is my new friend on it.  If you don’t like something, just press “UNDO” even going back 5 or more steps.  It has an amazing memory, better than mine!!!  The other great feature is that they have all the Stampin’ Up! colours to work with even the old retired colours.

Anyway, on to the card.  The flourish is from the brush set ‘Bright Hopes’ and I added an embellished pearl for the centre.  The greeting is from the brush set ‘Fantabulous You’.

Christmas Wreath-001

Now you can play too with a FREE 30 day trial.  Just head to my website HERE and click on SHOP NOW in the top right.  Click on the My Digital Studio and Free MDS trial will come up.  Just fill in a few details and you are on your way.  I will say that at the moment the Download time is taking a little longer than usual, so just be patient.  You have to have a go.  It really isn’t that bad – and remember the ‘UNDO’ button is your friend. 🙂

See you again soon,



2 thoughts on “BE-YOU-TIFUL MDS CARD!!!

  1. Wow Jenny….your card looks MUCH better than my crappy 1st attempt. I am having more success with s’booking…which in itself is v v wrong!!! May have to practice more I think. Well done. ooxx

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