Just a quick post today.  I thought I would show you this card I made with ‘My Digital Studio’ last week.  This is a fun card for a young boy.  I am sure I have a few young nephews that would like a card like this.


This is using ‘On The Go’ Brush Set. I added a digital eyelet to the centre of the wheels.

See the curve ‘Beep! Beep’ Text.  I thought I would tell you how I did that.   This can work with any shape, embellishment or text.  When you click on the shape it comes up with a shape highlighted with dots marking each corner and side points.  If you hover over one of these corner points a directional arrow shows up which enables you to enlarge or shrink the shape.  Notice if you click on a corner there is also a circular arrow that shows up.  If you click or move this shape it will rotate the shape.  You can bend the shape to any angle. I hope I have explained it clearly enough.  One day I will get clever and be able to show pictures to give you a better idea.  It is a really cool application anyway so have a play around yourself.

Thanks for stopping by.  More “Paper” projects next time.



3 thoughts on “MDS CARD FOR THE LITTLE BOYS!!!

  1. Love this to bits Jenny….any wee chap would go nuts for this. I love all the cars. Brilliant digital card hunni. ooxx

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