I am back from Brisbane from what I think would have to be THE BEST Convention EVER!!!!  It was an awesome time and I have so many new ideas to try.  Yes, we did get lots of free goodies which I think I might have mentioned once or twice recently but it was so great just being there and meeting up with friends and making new friends.

Sorry I was not able to show you any photos in last post but I had limited internet access.  I am just going through some photos and I will be showing you some of the highlights over the next week.

Before Convention officially started the Leadership event was held.  This was for Managers and above.  I was so excited to be there this year.  We had a few sessions during the day with some business tips and goal setting which was really helpful.  Then in the night we had a dinner which was very yummy!!!!!

Here is our group all dressed up with somewhere to go!


Vanessa Webb on the Left (our fearless ‘Inky Fingers’ Team Leader’), Leonie N., Me and Wendy W.  (Thanks Ness for the photo).

During the night our names were flashed up on the screen.  That was very exciting! They scrolled through the names several times so we sat poised through several rotations to catch a photo of our name!!!


I forgot to take a photo of the main meal but it was a very yummy chicken dish with asparagus and sweet corn puree.  Now I didn’t forget to take a photo of  the Dessert though!

This was a “warm chocolate fondant, Buderim Candied Ginger Icecream with Banana Sauce”  Now I am not a fan of ginger but it was not an overpowering flavour.  It was all just so YUMMY!!!!


Here is a view from outside the window at the “Big Wheel”.  It was a huge Ferris Wheel by the river and it looked pretty stunning lit up at night with the Brisbane skyline in the background.


That is a start for you.  I will be back soon with some more highlights.




  1. Welcome Home! You sound super charged up! Can’t wait to see your upcoming shares that Convention and Leadership inspired!

  2. I seriously dunno how many pics I have seen of tha dessert Jenny!!!! Looked great but sadly not on my radar!!!
    Convention looked soooo epic. I am so off to Melb next year. Your pics are beautiful. ooxx

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