WARNING: Personal post ahead.  I am sorry.  I am just taking a moment just to share a family achievement with you.  I apologize in advance for my readers on Facebook as I have shared this there BUT I thought my readers might like to hear about this – or not!!!  Josh has just come back from the Gold Coast, Queensland.  This past week he took part in the Future Stars Gridiron Program.  There was intense training each day and it all culminated in competition games with 5 team from the United States.  On Wednesday he played the US Cougars.  This team was made up of players from High Schools in Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Ohio and Texas.  The Australian Future Stars won 40-36.  This was an incredible achievement.  The first time an Australian Team has beaten the US  in 24 year history of the Downunder Bowl.  The Future Stars came up against the US Grizzlies yesterday.  The Grizzlies were made up from players in Alabama, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.   It was a tough game but the Aussies fought hard.  Unfortunately they went down 24-0.  So for my US readers: You still hold the Championship. 🙂

Here is a photo of both of the Grand Final teams: The Future Stars and the Grizzlies.  I think this is a great photo.  It is not often that you get a photo with both teams together after such a hard fought-out game but it shows the great spirit of the game.  Well done to both teams.  Josh is in the centre sitting down in the second row.

2 teams-1

Here he is in action.  #48 on the left hand side. (Both photos courtesy of ‘Bring it on Sports Facebook page)


OK, thanks for your patience.  See you again soon for some stamping creations.




  1. Darl’n…..if you cannot post and boast abt the ones that are nearest and dearest to you then what can you do. I am so chuffed with Josh’s achievements…..gotta love that stella DNA he inherited huh??? ooxx

  2. That is an incredible photo of his special trip! What an experience being with kids all around the world doing the same thing he likes..sounds a lot like our love of Stampin’ Up! and gathering together for Convention and Regionals! We’re all friends whether we have the same style or not! Congratulations on his win, thankfully the US still holds the Championship. lol

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