As many of you know the US Convention is starting THIS WEEK in Utah!! How exciting! There are quite a few Demonstrators from around the world including some Aussies who are landing there.  These Demonstrators have earned their way there through hard work over the past year.  I have 2 special people who have just left to go to Utah (Ness and Leonie N.)  and I wanted to give them a special card to send them off.  I thought I would share this with you PLUS a tutorial to recreate one yourself – if you so desire.  🙂

I had a look around the blogosphere looking at suitcase cards but (as my 12 year old DD often says about things) “who uses one of those these days!”.  Most people use a Trolley style bag – don’t you???  So it had to be a Trolley style of course with the handle that can go up and down.  So my card was born.

???????????????????????????????         ???????????????????????????????

Now, I noticed when I went through these photos that the handle was sitting a little crooked but believe me the handle does sit nicely.  Unfortunately at the time I took these photos I hadn’t noticed AND I can’t take other photos now. You get the idea though I hope.  See the little ‘wheels’ at the bottom???  A good trolley suitcase MUST have these.

I have used the set “Around the World” and the Designer Series Paper “I am Me” which I was lucky to receive as Prize Patrol at Convention.  It worked well for this.  A Basic Gray strip at the top of the DSP  is embossed with the Needlepoint Border to represent the zip.

Here is the inside of the card.


So would you like to make one?  Here is how.


These measurements are in metric.

Cut your Base card 21cm x 13.3cm.  Score the long side at 10.5cm.  Essentially it is slightly smaller (1.5cm) than the standard base card to allow for the handle and wheels so you can still put it in an envelope.

2nd piece the same colour as your base card measuring 10.5cm x 13.3cm.

DSP: 9cm x 10.5cm.

Gray strip: 10.5cm x 1.5cm

Gray card: 7cm x 8.5cm.

Now to put it all together:

1. Round all the corners of your card pieces.  (base card, 2nd card piece and the DSP piece).  Adhere your Gray strip you have embossed to the DSP piece and then adhere this to the 2nd card piece.

2. Take your Gray piece (7cm x 8.5cm) and cut out a square from the centre of the piece.  I used the Cutter to do this.  If you have the square framelits you might be able to do this easier.  I don’t have them so I can’t be sure. This sizing might be different but the principle is the same.  You just want to have about 1.5cm wide frame from your piece.

Using the cutter, place the right hand edge of your card at the outer 1.5cm mark and cut up starting at the 7cm mark up until the 1.5cm mark.  See the photos for the position.




3. Turn your card and cut up from the 7cm mark up to the 1.5cm mark again.  Turn and repeat on each side.  You end up with a frame.

4.  Round the corners at the top of your handle piece.


5. Here you will see all the Basic Gray pieces: The handle you have cut, the strip that was embossed and adhered to the DSP,  and the ‘Wheels’ punched with the Large Oval and cut in half.


6. Now to create the Slider part.  You might want to read through these steps before you do it.  🙂

Turn the 2nd card piece over and lay the handle down on it in the down position as far as you want it.  Line Dimensionals along the bottom edge of the handle (I cut the Dimensional in half), and on each side of the handle. Also, around the edge of the card. See the photo and you will get what I mean.  Just ignore the centre Dimensionals.  Read on and you will find out about that.


Then slide the handle up to the highest position and line Dimensionals along the top edge of the handle.    Adhere your ‘wheel’ pieces to the bottom of the card.


7. Remove all the backing of your Dimensionals and stick this piece to the front of the card base.

8.  Decorate the card and the inside as you would like.


I hope you liked this project.  Let me know.  Maybe next time you have someone heading off you can make one of these.  To everyone heading to Salt Lake City – Have an awesome time!



2 thoughts on “SLIDER BON-VOYAGE CARD!

  1. Oh my word! What a great idea to keep on file! So smart to give as gifts to traveling girlfriends heading to Convention! Woo hoo! You’re so smart! Thanks for the good wishes for us Salt Lake Convention goers! You’re the best Jenny!

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