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I have some exciting news for you.  Over the next couple of months.  I will be bringing you ’12 weeks of Christmas’.  I have teamed with some other creative ladies in our team to bring you some exciting projects to help you in your Christmas preparations.  Each week I will share a project with you that either myself or one of the other clever ladies have made.  Today is the first project!

Today’s project is brought to you by Leonie Schroder.  Here is the project and then I will tell you about it.


Leonie has created a Star Box Stack.  This stack comprises three Star Gift Boxes all tied up with the gorgeous Silver Satin Ribbon and star frame tags from our Foil Cardstock. These would be great to give to someone if you were giving them small things like jewellery or chocolates, Or maybe use it as a Table Centre piece or Decoration.  These could be made any time of the year for any occasion.

Do you want to know how to make it???  Here is a video for you.

We have a special bundle put together to create your own Star Box Stack.

bundle 1

Buy this Bundle now and save 10% – pay just $78 plus shipping!  Contact me with your order.  Plus, receive the written tutorial for Free as a Thank You for your order.

Stay tuned for further projects in the coming week.


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