Today I thought I would show you the notebooks I made for my recent Fairs I have been to.  These were all fun to make too and a great way to use up the scrap paper bits you have lying around.

Firstly, some notepad covers.  Very useful to have around the home or by the computer for quick notes.




To make these: Check the size of your notepads but I will give you the measurements for these ones.

Cut your card to 28cm x 21cm.  Score on the long side at 9cm, 10cm and 19cm.  Turn your card 90′ and score on the short side at 1cm and 3cm.  Cut off the small section on the top (only on this section and then the larger section below.  Does that make sense?? I didn’t make a template to show you.  You just want to end up with a small strip towards the top that the Notepad hangs off from the backing card on the notepad.  Decorate the front as you like.


Some post-it note holders.  These are fun to make.



I don’t have an exact measure for these but they are simply a small piece of card that folds over to fit.  Make sure to allow extra to score 2 lines in the centre to create a spine in the middle. Decorate the front as you like.



Notepads: just cover notepads as you like.  I didn’t want to fiddle with the spiral top so I just chose some coloured paper that co-ordinates closely to it.  I think it is OK!  Decorate with butterflies and bling!



These notebooks I picked up from the discount store too and just decorated them as I liked.



Hope you liked these ideas?  If you missed the previous posts on Craft Fair projects then you can check HERE. Don’t forget to check the previous post too.

Thanks for stopping by,


PS. Week 8 of 12 Weeks of Christmas is due out today.  As I am away from the computer I am not able to post it today so when I get back tomorrow I will post it as soon as I can. 🙂



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