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You  might have seen lots of little Tote Bags around the internet???  They are great little gift bags to give those special gifts to others.  A few years ago now I created a larger Tote Bag as many of them were great for card sizes or small gifts but if you have a larger gift THEN a larger Tote is needed right???  The Totes I shared way back then continue to be a huge hit on my blog and they have a large number of repins on Pinterest every week.  SO, if you have missed it, I thought I would show you these again. I have another type of bag in the process at the moment and when I finally get to create them I will share that too.

So here is my Tote bags for you that you can make to give that special larger gift.  (maybe a top or scarf or LOTS of chocolates!!!). 😉

new tote                  P1030185

You can find the tutorial to make these in this post HERE.

A little while after making these I decided it was time for an update.


You can find this Tote in this post HERE.  I followed the original tutorial with a few modifications.

I would love to see your versions so send me a photo. If you make one then don’t forget to give credit.  🙂

Have a great weekend,



  1. It’s been years since I’ve made these but I love your handles! these make great gifts with 4 matching all occasion cards inside! Or a little nail polish and manicure set, so sweet for Hostess gifts!!


  2. Thanks for posting this! I had only seen the small one online and didnt pay attention to how small it really was until I saw it in person!!! I saw the large one online today and hoped to run across the instructions. Thanks sooooo much!


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