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I have just posted about my tags I made for team swaps and then I realised I hadn’t told you about the scallop edge on the tags.  Never mind you get a second post from me. 🙂

Just to show you the tags again and have a look at the scallop edge at the bottom.

swirly tags

It’s a bit hard to see in this photo but maybe this photo is a little clearer.

swirly tags _2

I recently discovered that you could create a scallop edge using the Best Badge punch.  I loved that idea and maybe I bought the punch just for that reason. 😉

This is the punch if you haven’t noticed it in the catalogue.

best badge punch

So how do you create the scallop edge with it??  Well, I haven’t got a video for you but I have some photos to help you.

Firstly, with the scallop edge of the badge punch line the bottom curves of the scallops up with the bottom edge of the cardstock and then punch.

Scallop edge

Move the punch along the cardstock so you line up the last scallop you punched with the scallop on the punch.  Then line up the bottom of the curve on the next scallop with the bottom edge of the cardstock like you have done previously.  Then punch.

scallop edge 1

Continue moving along the length of your piece of card.  This particular one was only narrow so there are not too many scallops to punch but it gives you an idea.

scallop edge 2

Does that help?? I hope so.  It’s great when you can get more use from your punch than what you originally thought.

Thanks for visiting me again.


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