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I have shown you a couple of ‘Baby Bear’ cards now but I realised I hadn’t shown you the Colour Cards for the bears that I made up some weeks ago.  You might have seen some similar around your blog travels but I thought I would make some to show my ladies coming to my classes so they can see the difference.

Just a couple of notes before you see the colour cards.

~If you are not sure already, when I mention stamp the colour off, it means to ink up the stamp and lightly stamp on some scrap paper to lighten the colour.

~Each of the stamps in the ‘Baby Bear’ set have numbers. You will notice the more solid stamp has #1 next to it, the next more patterned stamp is #2, the more detailed pattern is #3.  You might find that some people stamp in reverse order so the darker colour first which would be #3 and then work backwards to the lighter colour  Play around yourself to see what you feel more comfortable with and what way gives you the better effect.  I found going from #1 with the lighter colour up to #3 with the darker one to be work fine.

~When I note the number below the colour card that denotes the number on the stamp. eg. #1 is the numbered 1 stamp.

~When stamping the bear some people have said they have had trouble lining up the bear for each stamp.  What I found that helps is when you ink up and go to stamp the 2nd stamp, I line the inked image up with the stamped one by lining up it’s bottom and then lining up the ears.  I have found that helps a lot. Hope it might help you.

bermuda bay

#1 Soft Sky, #2 Pool Party, #3 Bermuda Bay.

blushing bride

#1 Blushing Bride (stamped off first), #2 Blushing Bride, #3 Flirty Flamingo.

soft suede

#1 Crumb Cake, #2 Soft Suede (stamped off first), Soft Suede.

sweet sugarplum

#1 Sweet Sugarplum (stamped off first), #2 Sweet Sugarplum, #3 Rich Razzleberry.


You can play around with all different colour combinations.  What colours have you done? I would love to know.

I do love this bear.  It is very cute and I love the detail of it’s fur.

Thanks for visiting me today.


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