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A couple of weeks ago with my order I got the new ‘Sweet Home’ stamp set and the matching Thinlits.  I finally had a play recently and made a cute little house.  I thought I would show you.


These ‘Home Sweet Home’ Thinlits have so many special little “bits”, OK well dies to be more technical – 22 in fact.  You can create so many variations.  I will say this did take some time but I think now I have made one I can whip them up pretty quickly.  I think the most time consuming part was the roof. Also, I found it a little tricky lining up the stripes on the walls of the house. This house was CASED from Pinterest but I added the circle wreath on the door using one of the dies and then punched some small red circles from the 2-step Owl punch for the “berries”.

In the photo above it doesn’t really give you much idea of the size.  I thought I would take another photo for comparison.  Check out the size against an ink refill.


Isn’t it the cutest??  I can’t wait to have some more play with these.

Have a wonderful day/night wherever you are in the world.


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