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Another project from my Catalogue Review last week.  I thought this needed it’s own post. 🙂

At my classes I show the cards and give everyone the same materials but I am happy for them to use their own creativity.  I always learn so much when they do too.  I thought I would share this idea with you.  It’s pretty clever – and a pretty card too.

This was made by my lovely friend Harmony who is very creative.  I love watching her work.  This is what she created with some of the card she was given – and she used the Falling Petals Embossing in a totally different way.  Check it out.


Harmony embossed the white card with the Embossing Folder.  Then with the fine tip end of the Black Marker she drew lines down from some of the petals.  I think they look like hearts a lot of them.  This created little heart petals.  Then with the Aquapainter (I didn’t have the blender pen available at the time) she very lightly coloured some of the petals with the Blushing Bride ink.  It is regular Whisper White card so you don’t want to press too heavily with the colouring using the Aquapainter.  Then she sponged the edge of the card and distressed it slightly. The sentiment is from Dragonfly Dreams.

Isn’t this so pretty?  What a great idea!  I have to try this myself sometime.  I forgot to take a photo of the other card she made.  Completely different again!

Thanks for visiting.  If you want to give her some comment love I will be sure to pass it on. 🙂



  1. Just amazing. I thought the folder was the falling hearts one, like the one I have. I’ve tried to do something very like this but as the hearts/petals are so small I found I couldn’t colour them in right. If any of you or your artists could give a solution that really would be great. Love your blog. Xx. Thankyou for sharing your gorgeous designs xx


    1. Thank you so much Andrea. It certainly a different way of using the folder. I think with being so tiny then using an aquapainter, or even better the blender pen works really well as it has a fine point tip.


      1. Sorry for late reply. Just realised I had some answers here but don’t know how I got here lol. So I’m saying sorry in advance in case I never find this page again lol. So do you I colour the hearts in before I emboss? .x.


  2. What an awesome idea! Definitely have to have this folder now! Love the blushing bride color with it. So creative, perfect for a quick thank you card!


  3. This is very pretty! I think it is wonderful that you encourage creativity.

    I am a hobby demo who has never been to an event put on by another demo. I just don’t know how much fun it would be for me to make cards exactly like someone else’s, no matter how pretty it was. I was so lucky that to get to attend On Stage in November, and I even changed up the projects they gave us there…just a little bit with what was available.

    Never stop being the encouragement your customers have now. They are lucky to have you to show them the basic ideas and let them run with it! I know all demos are less than pleased when customers don’t follow their ideas for the card designs. I am sure your customers love you!


  4. That should have said I know some demos are less than pleased. (I was having a hard time wording that. I didn’t want to sound so negative, but let you know I feel like not everyone is as easy going and encouraging as you are.). I also love it that you gave your customer’s card a post all its own!


    1. Hi Marianne. Thanks for stopping by and your comments. I am glad you like the card. It was nice to be able to share it.

      I love encouraging my class attendees whether at a class or workshop to create their own version. While many create the projects as I show there a number who like to change things up a little and that is great. It’s always interesting to see what they create with the same pieces of card stock. I find it inspirational. It gives them confidence to create for themselves too.

      Happy Creating.

      Jenny 🙂


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