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Wednesday’s WOW! #123 is a fun one this week. What’s your Incolor?? Now I don’t mean what is your favourite. I mean what is your personality colour. This could be interesting.

I’m sure you have met all the new Incolors by now. I have to say I’m still not sure what my favourite is. It keeps changing. They are all so lovely.

Did you know that there is a personality behind each colour?? Why not take a quick test and see what colour you come up to be. I will share mine.


I would love to hear what your colour is. Drop me a comment and tell me.

My personality colour is…

PALE PAPAYA. It was 58%. Not too high but it is a close description I think.

I’m not so much outgoing and let loose, but anyway…it’s close.

Why not try it yourself and let me know,

Have a great day,


4 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY’S WOW! #123 – WHAT’S YOUR INCOLOR?”

    1. Lovely Diane. I think Fresh Freesia is a nice personality. I thought I might have been more Fresh Freesia myself but something must have tipped me more to the Pale Papaya. I’m certainly not that outgoing. 🙂


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