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I know you love to get good value for your money?  Who Doesn’t!

Well I wouldn’t be doing my job right if I didn’t let you know about this. 

It’s $114 of free products! 

Now that sounds good but what does it really mean??

You can be part of the Stampin’ Up! Family. 

In October  pay only $169 and get $283 of products.  That’s $114 of free.  

And it doesn’t matter how long you stay.  Join for the bonuses.  Get the extra Value that is all part of it. 

When you don’t reach the quota ($460 AUD per quarter) or when you have had enough you can leave.  No penalty.

It really is the best value!

If you order for yourself during the time you are a “Demonstrator”, (Not that you have to Demonstrate). Then you receive a 20% discount while you shop.  More savings there.

Not only a discount BUT

  • Sneak Peek on Products
  • Order Early
  • Fun together
  • Attend Events
  • Sharing together

So How is that? You can receive $114 of free products. 

You pay $169 and get your choice of products for $283.

The most common question I get asked about is the quota you need to make.

Is there a quota?

I can say YES you do BUT… It’s in your first full quarter.  Joining now you don’t need to reach that quota until the end of March next year. The quota is $460. 

It’s a long time to enjoy the discount. And If you don’t don’t reach it you can drop and continue as a customer.  

Still not sure.  Check out the FAQ sheet -> HERE.

Have your list of $283 of products and Ready to join.  Head -> HERE. 

I would love to welcome you to my JEN’s INK TEAM. 

If you have any questions or uncertainties please don’t hesitate to message me.

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