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For Wednesday’s WOW! #114 I wanted to show you the effect you can create by colouring the Embossing Paste. This paste is not something I have used a lot of but it is so cool!

Embossing Paste is available in a 118ml or 4 fl. oz. container. You can use the paste to add extra texture to your projects which is fun. Use it with the Palette knives to add the paste directly by smearing it on your project or through the Decorative masks which are available.

Stampin’ Up! carries the regular White Embossing Paste as well as the Shimmery White Embossing Paste. The extra sparkle in the Shimmery White paste adds that little extra to your projects.

This one below is the Shimmery White one although it is hard to see the sparkle.

As an extra step why not add a little reinker to the paste. Simple smear some on the Silicon mat or even a block. Add one or 2 drops of reinker and mix. Then you can add it directly to your project. Be sure to rinse off the paste straight away on your mat or block that you have used.

Check out the project below. Some Soft Suede ink refill has been added to the paste and then smeared through the mask. It has been applied to the Soft Suede card so gives an textured sparkle in the same tone as the card. Pretty cool right. 🙂

This project uses the Peaceful Boughs stamps and the Beautiful Boughs Dies.

So why not grab some texture paste and not only add the paste on your projects but colour it with the reinkers for some co-ordinated colour.

These are available in my store now. In Australia? why not head along to grab some now. Head -> HERE.

Thanks for visiting for another fun tip today for Wednesday’s WOW!

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Shelli, (Stampin’ Up!’s wonderful co-founder) has stated that there should be no naked envelopes. 🙂 I’m guilty of that all the time I have to say. What about you?

I have discovered these fun products in the Holiday Catalogue to dress up our envelopes. They look really fancy. For Wednesday’s WOW! #113 – Why not dress up your envelopes with the Ornamental Envelopes Bundle.

I think these products are overlooked in the catalogue. The ornaments in the Ornamental Envelopes stamp set are gorgeous but I really wanted to focus on the Envelopes Dies.

Below is the Ornamental Envelopes Bundle.

Check out the Envelopes Dies closer though.

 The Envelopes Dies consists of 12 dies. 4 Envelope liners, 1-2 decorative edges, and some other elements to diecut in to your paper liners or directly on to the envelope. It also has the dies to cut the ornaments from the stamp set too. The Largest die measures 6-3/16″ x 2-1/2″ (15.7 x 6.4 cm).

So how do you use these dies?? Check out the samples below.

On this one create a decorative wrap for your envelope. How fancy is that?? You can line inside the envelope as well.

Not just line the inside but you can make a pretty decorative liner for inside. How sweet! Or you can diecut the outside and add a liner inside of pretty paper that you can see through the edge.

For this one below I am not sure but I think that for the envelope a mask was made with one of the decorative dies and some coloured texture paste has been added through the mask. This adds to the festive feel.

If you want to dress up your envelopes with the Ornamental Envelopes Bundle or even just the Envelopes Dies you can check them out and order them in my store -> HERE

Please use the Host Code – RCDPWPWK

Or you can contact me directly by email at

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Wednesday’s WOW! today #112. I want to share with you how to create the lovely sponged backgrounds.

I don’t know about you but I have been enjoying creating these backgrounds a lot lately.

Here is a tip from our Stampin’ Up! Catalogue.

The great tool to use for these backgrounds is the Sponge Brayers.

To use the Sponge Brayer build up the ink on the Brayer to roll over your project. I have shared this technique in a few videos recently. You will find those on Youtube or scroll back a few posts to catch them.

One tip I tell people when rolling to collect your ink is to not roll back and forward on the inkpad. It’s a “roll and lift movement”. Roll gently over the ink pad, lift the roller and roll again gently. Keep repeating this until you get the amount of ink you want.

When rolling on to your card it’s a good idea to start off the edge of your project and roll gently onto your card. Repeat building up the ink on your inkpad and roll on your project again starting off the card. Keep building up as much colour as you like.

The Sponge Brayers come with 2 handles and 4 sponge rollers. So it’s good to have a different Sponge for a different shade of colour. You can see them in store -> HERE

For creating your backgrounds you could also use the Sponges or use the Sponge Daubers but I think the Sponge Brayers are more effective as they cover a larger area at a time.

TIP: To create your “horizon” as shown in the projects above, place a piece of paper over a section to create a lined edge before you start rolling. Then if needed change your paper around to mask the edge again from the other direction to roll. Or on these cards they have elements stamped.

The stamp set used for these projects is the Sending Sunshine set seen -> HERE.

I hope you have a go at this technique. It’s a fun one to build up your coloured background.

In Australia? If you need any products to get creating these projects please stop by my store -> HERE. Thanks for your orders. Or you can contact me directly on 0439 844574.

Don’t forget to use the host code if ordering online. 9J63PU4C

Happy “rolling” 🙂


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Wednesday’s WOW! #109.  Today I have a cool tip for you.  How to create 3 different look cards by cutting one card piece in different ways.  I thought it was so clever and just wanted to share it with you.  It makes it very quick to put some cards together.

These cards are created by Stampin’ Up! artists using the Moving Along Stamp set but it’s a great idea that you could use with any stamp set.

Stampin' Up! Moving Along stamp set

You have the standard card size and a piece of Designer Series Paper which is the same for each card.  The Designer Series Paper is approximately 7.6cm x 12.7cm (3″ x 5″).  By cutting the white card you can create the different looks.

The Whisper White Cardstock is 9.5cm x 9.5cm (3-3/4″ x 3-3/4″)

1. The first card the white card is as is and the image stamped on the piece.   This is raised up off the card with Dimensionals.

2.  On the second card the white card is cut into four squares measuring 4.8cm x 4.8cm (1-7/8″ x 1-7/8″) and then stamped within the squares.  Each square is raised up off the card with Dimensionals.

3.  On the third card the white card is cut into three strips measuring (9.5cm x 3.2cm (3-3/4″ x 1-1/4″) and stamped. The stamped strips are raised up off the card using Dimensionals.

What a clever idea! I can’t wait to try this idea with some other stamps. I hope you find this idea helpful. If you try this idea be sure to send me a photo at  I would love to see them.

What do you think of this fun Moving Along Stamp set?? I wish I had little kids to use this set.  It is so cute.

In Australia?  You can buy this set (or any of the other awesome products) in my store now -> HERE.  I would be happy to help you with your order if you would like me to order for you. Just drop me an email at

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Wednesday’s WOW! #108 All about the Stampin’ Seal.  

You might have seen the new roller tape adhesive in the Annual Catalogue?? It’s the Stampin’ Seal and the Stampin’ Seal +.

What is it and what’s the difference between the two. I thought this might be a good thing to look in to today for our Wednesday’s WOW! Session.

Below is the Stampin’ Seal.  This one is in the light blue cartridge.

The Stampin’ Seal will give an instant-bond and is a permanent adhesive when using it on your card or ribbon.  It is acid free. The roll contains 15m or 16.4 yards.

Below is the Stampin’ Seal+.  This has a dark blue cartridge.

Similar to the Stampin’ Seal, the Stampin’ Seal+ is an instant-bond, permanent adhesive.  However, It is much stronger than the Seal so it is suitable for your 3D projects and cards with heavier layers. The Stampin’ Seal+ is also acid free. It comes in the same length roll of 15 m or 16.4 yards.

Both Stampin’ Seal and Stampin’ Seal+ are acid free.

Both of these comes with a replacement refill.  Which saves money later when you need a replacement.  The refill is very easy to replace by pulling the cartridge apart and inserting the refill section.  It works just like the old style SNAIL.

TIP: Some people have had issues with the adhesive not rolling.  I have to say I haven’t had any issues.  If you are finding this happens rather than lifting the roller straight up off the card, give the roller a little twist.  See how that works for you.

Want to see the Stampin’ Seal and Stampin’ Seal+?? Check this Youtube video out.

The Stampin’ Seal and the Stampin’ Seal+ as well as the refills are available in my store now.  I will be happy to help you with your order if you are in Australia.

Head -> HERE. Please use the Host Code: 26MVD4MV

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Wednesday’s WOW! #107.  I wanted to share a little tip I discovered – although maybe you had already discovered it – or maybe not!  Today’s tip – how to create easy water scenes with the Mountain Air stamp set.

The Mountain Air stamp set is a great one to create mountainous scenes.  I found when you turn the treeline stamp upside down it looks like water. You can stamp that under the mountains with the trees off the edge of the card so you won’t even see the trees.  I thought it was clever anyway. And it extends the scenes that you can create.

Below is a Card in a Box I shared recently.  You can see the water edge under the mountains at the back.

Below is a card I created some time ago  For some reason I stamped it in green on this card when I look at it … It could be a grassy field too right. 🙂

Hope you find it helpful when you use your set.

Haven’t got the Mountain Air Bundle yet? In Australia, you can order it through my store now -> HERE. It’s really not that expensive at $88 AUD.

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Today for Wednesday’s WOW! #106.  Let’s look at the versatility of the new Lovely Labels Punch.

Did you know that this one punch can create 6 unique labels.  Pretty cool right!

There are 2 different label styles on the punch and each punch can punch 3 size widths in–1″ (2.5 cm), 3/4″ (1.9 cm), and 1/2″ (1.3 cm).   They create a different type of shape when they are punched depending on the size. That’s pretty clever.

To use the punch, cut the card to the width you want the label to be eg. 2.5cm, 1.9cm or 1.3cm.  Slide the card in to the track on the punch being sure to go right to the end of the punch – And then punch away! Easy as. 🙂

Want to see a video of this fun punch?  Check out the Stampin’ Up! one below.

See the pretty tags below.

The Lovely Labels Punch can be ordered on it’s own for $40 AUD. See it -> HERE. 

OR as part of the Lovely You Bundle for $73.75 AUD.  See it -> HERE.

Don’t forget it’s Bonus Days.  Grab your $9 voucher to redeem in August for every $90 order you spend in July.  It’s a great way to spread your savings – and save!

If you are in Australia I would love to help you with your order.

You can order online at the links above or you can contact me directly on email and I will place the order for you. Every order I send a little Thank You card and something little to say Thanks.  I do appreciate each and every order.

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If you have the Celebrate Sunflowers Bundle do you find it a little frustrating to line up the sunflower die with the stamp OR to even put the stamp back in the stamp case after you have finished?? I have to say I find it quite frustrating – and time consuming. 🙂

I came up with a little tip to reduce frustration – and save time.  I thought  I  would share it  with you today for our Wednesday’s WOW!

Wednesday’s WOW! #105 – Lining up the Sunflower Stamp with the dies and also how to get that stamp back in the stamp case. 

1. Getting the stamp back in to the case.

Firstly we will start with the stamp set. I keep the rubber surround for the stamp set in the case and put the stamps back in to the rubber when I have finished stamping.  It keeps them secure in the case AND you can quickly see if you are missing a stamp.  Which is really good.

With the large sunflower stamp I found it hard to find the position to put it back in.  You had to keep turning it until you thought it lined up.  It took some time.

So, once I had it in the case I placed a mark with a Black permanent marker on the rubber surround and on the edge of the sunflower stamp. Then it can easily slip in place in to the right position. 

I made the mark on the front of the stamp on to the side and then over the edge on to the back of the stamp.  So you can see it when you are stamping. 

2. The next challenge was to line the die up with the stamp.

You now have the mark on the stamp so you can now position the die and make a mark on the die. 

To do this you need to position the stamp face down as that is how will stamp out.  NOTE: I have  placed the sticker  on the back of the stamp. I know some people don’t add the sticker. I think for this type of detailed stamp it would be helpful to.

Then you can  line up the die with the image.  On this image  below I see the mark is fading.  It is up the top.  I will need to add another mark.  I didn’t use permanent marker on this one I think.

3. Now lining up the die with the stamped image to diecut it.

Before you stamp the image on white card make a pencil mark on the card.  Then ink up the stamp and stamp it on to the card with the mark on the stamp lining up near the mark on the card.

Then you can easily position the die on to the card as you line up the marks.  Then diecut that lovely sunflower out.

I hope these tips are clear for you.  I am sure they will save you a lot of time.  It certainly has saved my sanity.

Be sure to the PIN the images to save them for future reference.

In Australia? If you would like to order the Celebrate Sunflowers Bundle they are available in my store now -> HERE. 

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Email me at and I can place the order for you.

I will drop a little card in the mail for you to say THANK YOU. 🙂 I appreciate your orders.

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I have been using the Tasteful Touches Bundle A LOT lately.  While I love the stamp set I really love the dies.  I love that you can use them for your sentiments or for small images and I love that they can be layered together to use on your projects.  I thought you might like to see how to use them more.

Our Wednesday’s WOW! #104 – Layering the Tasteful Labels Dies. 

Firstly, let’s look closely at the dies.  There are 10 dies in the set.  The largest die is 8.9cm x 6.4cm (3-1/2″ x 2-1/2″)

I know it may be a bit hard to tell in this image but with these dies some have a scored edge (top half) and others have a stitched edge (bottom half).  It’s great that there is the different looks in the one set.

Most of the dies can be layered together for your images or sentiments.  I have shown some below for you.  There are so many other options though.

How cool are they??

I hope you found the chart helpful to see ways that you can put your diecuts together. Be sure to PIN the image so you can refer back to it.

If you must have the Tasteful Labels Dies in your stash then they are now available in my store.  Grab them on their own or get them in the Bundle with the Tasteful Touches stamp set.

In Australia?  I would love to help you with ordering them. Visit -> HERE to order.

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As a Thanks when you order them I will send you card kits for 2 cards I have created recently with them.  Some of the cards you can check back on the past posts.

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Wednesday’s WOW! #103.  I get asked this question so many times so I thought maybe it’s a question you have.  Which way do you fold your cards?? Inwards or Outwards after scoring???  I thought I would talk about this today for our Wednesday’s WOW!

I have my opinions but I did a little search on the internet to see what others might say. I have to say there were different opinions.

So which way do you fold your cards?  Do you fold them inwards.  By that I mean when you have scored the card and it is flat on the table. You have an indentation on the card where you have scored it. Do you take both sides and fold the sides in towards each other.  Or do you fold the sides away from each other and fold it outwards?

Personally I fold the card outwards, so the scored indentation is on the outside.

Firstly, before I tell you why I fold it that way.  Most crafters that I looked at online folded it this way.  Perhaps I missed some if you find it the other way.

I fold it this way as when you score the card you are breaking the tissue of the card.  This will enable some “give” to the card to be able to fold it.  On another note, scoring the card will give you a crisper fold.

If you fold it inwards you then end up with the underside of the card as your front.  I don’t know about you but I find that the cut edge has a little raised edge and I don’t like the look of that.

Maybe you have other reasons why you fold your card the way you do.  I would love to hear it.  Drop me a comment.

Now since we are on the topic of scoring your card.  The other question I get asked a lot is What do you cut your card with?? I use the Stampin’ Up! Paper Trimmer.  It has a cutting blade and a scoring blade making the job of preparing your card very quick and easy.  Everything is contained in one and you don’t have to muck around with different tools.

You can see the Paper Trimmer -> HERE.

Hope that helps you.

Have a great day,