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I was stamping one of the ornaments from Delightful Decorations a few weeks back and found it came out really strange.  I thought at the time it was my inkpad that desperately needed re-inking.  I really liked the pattern though.  Check it out –

Isn’t it a groovy pattern???  I thought it would make a great tag or something and so I just put it aside to look at later.  I pulled it out again this week and had a closer look.   It was a scrap piece of card that I used and had previously ran some adhesive over the card to stick it down to something.  It was just the glue stick variety adhesive.  I didn’t end up using the card then.  Where I had glued was where the lighter part of the image was.  The adhesive resisted the ink slightly.

I call this my “Adhesive Resist” technique!  LOL  So, do you think it will catch on!!! Maybe I will have to try it again sometime?? I thought it would be a fun thing to show you.

I hope your Christmas preparations are going ok?  Mine are VERY slow going?  I still have presents to wrap, but we put some lights up on our house today.  That was a first!

Happy Christmas to you all,

Jenny x

4 thoughts on “A NEW TECHNIQUE PERHAPS???”

  1. Dontcha just LOVE it when things appear just like that Jenny???? Too Cool!!!
    Sadly the Galapogas Giant Tortise has more speed than my Chrissy prep at present. I still have a mountain of gifts to finish, cards to doo (that won’t now arrive by Chrissy day) and the list goes on!!!! I think I’ll start in Feb 2012 for Chrissy next year!!! Mwah to you and urs. ooxx


  2. Hi Jenny! I had to laugh at your new technique … and I am not sure if it will catch on. I think perhaps markers to rubber using different colours might be easier and less messy! Keep smiling … and I hope you get on top of Chrissy prep soon. I have just finished my baking for Chrissy … right up to Monday breakfast (when Stace & Jono will be here with Bree). So … I can actually put my feet up this afternoon and maybe even do some last minute blog hopping to say Merry Christmas to my blog friends! Hugs xx


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